1. When called for a job, keep a note of who called you and the name of the production. Reply to any texts or email with your full name, not just your first name.
  2. Make sure your measurements are correct in your organsier. Remeasure yourself every six months, measurements do change with time!
  3. Keep your photos fresh, it’s worth changing them every few months as productions tire of seeing the same pictures and if your appearance changes, e.g a haircut make sure you upload new photos.
  4. Get a diary and put all your bookings in it, or use our free online organiser to check your bookings.
  5. Get a mobile phone and an email address, you never know when we’ll want to book you for work.
  6. Get a map, or print directions from the internet. Always know how to get to a job.
  7. The night before filming, if you can’t access your email call the office between 5 and 6pm with pen and paper ready.
  8. Extend your wardrobe as much as possible. e.g. buy a smart suit if you don’t have one.
  9. If you become unavailable for a booked job you must call the person who booked you asap.
  10. Never be late and please don’t be rude, it’s more than your job’s worth.