Can I be a film extra?

Yes! Register as an Artiste, and we’ll actively submit you for jobs in your area, including urgent casting calls.

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Why Register as a Supporting Artiste?

Registration is absolutely free. Once you’re on our casting book, we actively put you forward for suitable Film and TV jobs based on your skills, looks, or location.

As a registered Supporting Artiste with Casting Collective, you enjoy:

  • A 12-month registration period.
  • Inclusion in one of our regional casting books and a prominent feature on our website, ensuring high visibility to all productions.
  • Timely notifications of all the latest and most suitable jobs.
  • Automatic consideration for any relevant urgent castings that match your profile.
  • Free access to our online Artiste organiser for efficient booking management.
  • Enhanced visibility to our bookers and productions, leading to an increased number of job offers.
  • Expert guidance on maximising opportunities and achieving success as a Supporting Artiste on set.
  • Exclusive access to insider ‘need-to-know’ knowledge for success in the Film & TV industry.
Register as a Supporting Artiste

Want to know more about the application process or pay? See Artiste FAQ’s


What is a Supporting Artiste?

Supporting Artistes appear in the background on set. Collectively often referred to as the crowd – the crowd that lingers in scenes behind the actors or more specifically using performance or musical skills.

Legally able to work in the UK and have a National Insurance number? You can sign up and become a successful Supporting Artiste if you are:

  • Flexible. Work can be sporadic, and at very short notice, Filming days can change too. It can be a great way to supplement income from a regular job.
  • Organised. Keep selfies and measurements up to date. This can mean updating selfies daily. Productions want to see what you look like today.
  • Reliable. Turn up early on set, be organised for bookings, check where you need to go and be prepared. See studio directions directory
  • Committed. It can involve long hours waiting on set or on location. So be patient and onset always treat the crew with respect.
  • Professional. Whether in a rehearsal or filming, a particular sequence may be shot a number of times and from a number of angles, for this reason, you need to remember your first position and what you have been told to do.
  • Considerate. On-set keep noise to a minimum at all times unless otherwise instructed. Get familiar with the lingo. See our A-Z guide
  • Ready. You may need to attend a costume fitting which is as important as a day’s filming.

Interested? Register with the Casting Collective to become a Supporting Artiste:

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Apply if you fit the brief and aren’t registered with us. Your application will be considered for the urgent casting and other suitable work in your area for 12 months.

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Getting Paid

As a Supporting Artiste with Casting Collective, you operate as a self employed individual, managing your own Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions.

Registering as an Supporting Artiste with Casting Collective is free and comes with no upfront fees – we strongly discourage paying any agent fees upfront.

Throughout your 12-month registration period, your pay rates align with union and industry standards, featuring variations depending on the job. Casting Collective applies a 20% commission (plus VAT) deduction from your earnings for all bookings.

Importantly, the commission is only deducted when you, as the Artiste secure and get paid for actual work through Casting Collective. If there’s no work, there’s no commission deducted.

For specific details of the latest pay rates, please See payment breakdown.

Want to know more about the application process or payment details? See Artiste FAQ’s


Being on set

Register as a Supporting Artist with Casting Collective, and you will have the opportunity to work on films, TV dramas, and commercials. This includes opportunities for stand-in, walk-on, or featured work. This is how it works:

  1. Availability:

    First you are offered work, usually by email but also by text or phone. We will ask you to be available for certain date/s and we may also need you to agree to other criteria such as location, rate or haircut specifications.

  2. Pencilled:

    We have checked your availability and you have told us that you are free. At this point we will expect you to keep the date/s on a “Pencil”. We have put you forward to the production. “Heavy Pencilled”, we have checked your availability, you have been seen by the production and they have shortlisted you BUT you are not booked yet.

  3. Released:

    If you are not picked by the production company you are released. We will inform you of this by email or text as soon as we hear back from the Production.

  4. Booked:

    You’ve been booked ie selected by the production for filming, well done! We have confirmed the job to you by email or text. You may be required to attend a costume fitting ahead of your filming day, either way your final filming details will be emailed to you the evening before filming.

  5. Signing in on set:

    First, never be late! Sign in as soon as you arrive with the 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD) or the Crowd AD – as this could affect the amount you are paid. On a ‘Paperless Payments’ job you need to make sure you give the AD your full name clearly on arrival and if the job is on a voucher you must make sure you pick it up on arrival and keep it safe throughout the day.

  6. On set:

    You will be told where to go and whether or not you need to visit hair & make-up or costume. Make sure you listen to all instructions being given to you by the AD. Do not ignore the AD and if you have questions and you can not find the AD then ask a member of crew.

  7. Catering:

    Your booker will confirm what meals are provided when you receive your filming details. If you are at a studio be prepared that you may have to pay for your own meals at the canteen and or you may be asked to arrive earlier than your call time for breakfast. Never go to catering unless you have been given instructions to do so by an AD.

  8. Wrap:

    At the end of your filming day you will be “wrapped”. If you do not sign out on a job you will not get paid, so make sure you find the AD and get signed off. For Paperless you will be emailed an estimated summary of your earnings for that day. Please make sure you keep your vouchers or emails for the work you have done until you have been paid as they are your proof that you worked.Get familar with the lingo. See our A-Z guide

  9. Getting Paid:

    Your earnings are important. You must make sure that you have uploaded your correct bank details to avoid any delay in payment and also a current copy of your passport to prove you are legally allowed to work in the UK. Payment can take 6-8 weeks from when you worked to when you get paid but on occasions, it may take longer. See more about payment rates

  10. Cancellations:

    The nature of filming dictates that schedule changes often occur. This may result in your filming day being postponed, rescheduled or cancelled. If this happens you may be entitled to a cancellation fee. See our Terms & Conditions

Want to know more about the application process or pay? See Artiste FAQ’s