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  • Not to store artiste details or only store them for the period required in sourcing artistes.
  • To conform to all the directives set out by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) whilst handling and storing artiste data.
  • Not to share artiste details with parties not involved with the production.

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Why Paperless Payments?

Its the reliable technology for booking, managing and paying Supporting Artistes quickly

  • It’s flexible – easy to alter and edit info.
  • Simple to manage costs and data securely.
  • Saves time, paperwork and the planet.
  • Works on or offline.
  • Telephone and email support provided.
  • It’s free – we’ll even supply the device

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Our Digital Signatures

Our Artistes arrive on-set having already agreed the terms set out by a production company using an electronic digital signature via OKCrowd.

Why OKCrowd?

  • Verifiable and easy to report signatory data capture.
  • A secure system developed specifically for the Film & TV industry.
  • Access, view and download signatory reports.
  • Authenticity guaranteed with hashing technology to prevent tampering.
  • All data is stored either encrypted or hashed on disk in an ISO27001 compliant data centre.
  • Protected with the highest level of encryption possible.


Rates of Pay

Casting Collective follow union and industry pay rates deducting 15% commission from the Artiste on all bookings.