Registration terms & conditions

You enter into this agreement (the Terms) with The Casting Collective Limited (“we” or “us”) Gensurco House, 3-5 Spafield Street, London, EC1R 4QB (a company registered in England and Wales with number 03838848), when you register with us to use our online Artiste database and other services to search for, view, and cast Artistes for your production.

These Terms are not an agreement for the supply of Artistes for your production, and do not impose any obligation on you or Casting Collective except as set out below.

If you wish to book Artistes for your production, please complete our separate Production Agreement, which contains full terms and conditions; an example Production Agreement is available on request or through our website You may also call or email us at any time with any queries or to discuss your production needs.

Please read these Terms carefully. By registering with The Casting Collective or by viewing artiste shortlists that are sent to you, you agree that:

  • Casting Collective will provide you with details of Artistes for the purposes of searching for, viewing, evaluating, and casting Artistes for an actual or potential production with which you are involved (the Purpose), and you will use our services and any information or data you receive or access through them only for the Purpose.
  • You will not make use of any information or data obtained through use of our services to contact any Artiste directly (about the Purpose or otherwise) unless we have agreed this separately to these Terms.

  • We make no guarantee regarding and are not liable for the (un)availability of our website or our other services, the suitability of our Artistes for your production or their availability, or the accuracy of information provided to us by Artistes or other third parties; although we endeavour to provide the best service and the most accurate casting information possible.

Data Protection

  • Artiste details we provide to you may be Personal Data for the purposes of Data Protection Legislation; in these Terms we refer to this as Artiste Personal Data. Artiste Personal Data may include names, photographs and measurements, proof of identity and any other relevant personal details needed to match Artistes with productions, and may include Special Category Personal data (i.e. relating to race or ethnic origin).
  • You understand and acknowledge that legal duties and liabilities apply to the control and processing of Personal Data, and agree that you will comply with all applicable Data Protection Legislation; meaning all applicable data protection, privacy and data security legislation, including any European legislation (including the GDPR), any subordinate or other legislation, regulation, code of practice or guidance issued by the Information Commissioner, other relevant authority responsible for data protection, data security and/or privacy in the United Kingdom.

  • In these Terms, Data Protection Legislation, Controller, Processor, Data Subject and Personal Data, Special Category Personal Data, Processing and “appropriate technical and organisational measures” have the meanings given to them in the Data Protection Legislation.

  • You and Casting Collective each act as a Controller for the purposes of Data Protection Legislation when storing and handling Personal Data. Neither you or we act as a Processor for the other. 

  • You will not share Artiste Personal Data with any party who is not involved in your production, or for any reason other than the Purpose (unless compelled by law). You will ensure that any party (including production employees, agents, or contractors) with whom you share the Artiste Personal Data is made aware of and bound by these Terms, is appropriately trained, and subject to confidentially provisions.

  • You will ensure that you have legitimate grounds under the Data Protection Legislation for the processing of Artiste Personal Data. Casting Collective ensures we have legitimate grounds for the collection of data from Artistes on our register, including transfer to you for the Purpose, but as a Controller, it is your responsibility to comply with Data Protection Legislation regarding your use of the Artiste Personal Data.

  • You will retain Artiste Personal Data only for the period required for the Purpose and will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure it is stored and handled securely to prevent unauthorised or unlawful processing, or accidental loss or destruction.
  • You will ensure a level of security appropriate to the harm that might result, taking into account the nature of the Artiste Personal Data.

  • You will ensure Artiste Personal Data is deleted once it is no longer required for the Purpose, if this agreement between us is terminated, or on our request at any time.

  • You will comply with your obligation to report a Personal Data Breach to the appropriate Supervisory Authority and (where applicable) to Data Subjects, and will inform Casting Collective of any Artiste Personal Data Breach whether or not there is a requirement to notify any Supervisory Authority or Data Subject. You will provide reasonable assistance to us to facilitate the handling of any Personal Data Breach.

Your Data

  • You have read and agree to our Privacy Policy which covers our use of your data as a production professional using our services. This policy explains the data we collect and process and your rights as a Data Subject.


  • The Casting Collective is acting as an Employment Agency in accordance with the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and the conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.

  • This Agreement and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.