Office hours are 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. If it’s urgent and outside of these core hours please call the person who booked you on their emergency mobile.

The Casting Collective Ltd
109-111 Farringdon Road
London, EC1R 3BW

The office number is 020 8962 0099

Pay Enquiries

Edward 020 8962 0099
(Artiste pay enquiries are between 11am-12pm, Monday to Friday)
or email [email protected]

Other useful Contacts

Transport for London: 0343 222 1234
National Rail Enquiries: 08457 48 49 50
Congestion Charge: 0343 222 2222

Casting Team

Casting Team

Marketing/Office manager

If you do not have a mobile and email address you will miss out on all work offers. You can get a free email account from hotmail or gmail and we suggest getting a pay-as-you-go mobile to receive CC texts.

Priority Artistes can log in with their email address and unique password.

Use the organiser to inform us about when you are unavailable, change your photo’s and measurements. View bookings, your remittances and tax info. But most importantly update personal details, skills, wardrobe and your experience at any time.

It is imperative for production that your measurments are accurate. All measurments should be taken in feet and inches with a tape measure (not CM) and rounded up to the nearest half inch.

You are responsible for your own measurements and production can turn you away, unpaid if they are not correct.

To help click on the guides below which also include example videos on how to take your measurements accurately.

Men Measurement Guide:

Women Measurement Guide:

By accessing your online organiser, you can change your photos whenever you want to. It is really important the photos of you on our website are a true representation of how you currently look. If you drastically cut your hair for example, please update your photos, or if you just want to try a different look. Please make sure all photos are in colour, black and white are not acceptable.

You will be contacted by a member of the team and given either a confirmed booking or a pencil booking (If you are not told please ask). Before committing you must be 100% sure about your availability. If you have a pencil booking and other commitments arise please inform us immediately. Confirmed bookings will be made to you by email or SMS text. You will be told the rate of pay when you are booked.

We have ten people in the office making bookings. It is therefore vital for us that you write down and remember the name of the person who has booked you and the name of the production you have been booked on.


Usually the first availability request about a job will be sent to you by email. All you need to do is read the details and click on either I Accept or I Decline. Please remember that if you have accepted a job we will expect you to stay free for that job, if for any reason you become unavailable it is very important you contact us straight away.

You will then be Confirmed or Cancelled for this job, when the production have decided who they definitely want.

Once confirmed, we will email you your confirmed details as soon as we get them the day before you are needed. It’s a good idea to check your email from around 4pm the day before shooting. If your details have arrived, please make sure you click on the Details Received button. This will ensure we will know that you have received and understood instructions and will be attending.

SMS Text

Sometimes if things are more urgent we might send you a text message. We use a computer to do this, although it will look like it comes from a mobile. Please make sure that you hit reply to this message rather than starting a new message. This will ensure that the message is delivered back to the correct person in the office. Although this looks like a mobile number you cannot call us on it. – If you need to speak to us please call 020 8962 0099. Please do not send pictures to us on these texts, we wont get them.

Make sure you reply to texts with your full name (not just your first name).


If you are unable to check your email and have not received details by text, you will have to get your details the old fashioned way – by phone. Please make sure you have a pen and paper before you call us! In this case you will be asked to call the office between 5pm-6pm the night before your engagement. You must call us between these times otherwise you may be replaced. You will be given your call time, details of location, wardrobe requirements and the name of the person from The Casting Collective who is managing that production with their emergency mobile number. If you are working on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday please call on the Friday evening.

Please be aware that your reliability and punctuality reflects on our company. If you fail to attend without good reason, or are consistently late, this will be noted by Casting Collective and may result in you being taken off the book.

We do not have a checking in policy. Please do not check in for work by phone, text or email. The casting team are under tremendous pressure to get their work done within working hours and fielding calls from artistes checking in for work slows them down. If however you have not heard from us for a month or so, then feel free to give us a quick call. Artistes that check in everyday will not be used. You can also keep us up to date with your availability by using our online organiser.

On some productions you will be required to attend a costume fitting which you will be paid for. This is not usually a full day, typically four hours or less. However, it is as important a commitment as a day’s filming and the same rules apply.

The nature of filming dictates that schedule changes often occur. This may result in your filming day being postponed or cancelled. Unfortunately this can occur at very short notice and sometimes without remuneration. Production is entitled to cancel you without remuneration up to 5:30pm the night before your scheduled day of work. Filming happens seven days a week so you could be cancelled on a Sunday evening for Monday’s filming.

When you are given your details for the filming day you will be given directions on how to get to the Set/Location. It is your responsibility to get to a location on time. Because you are normally required on set very early please ensure that you plan your route the night before. If possible look it up online. If you are using Sat Nav, make sure the address you have works before you set out. If not please make sure you take your A-Z or road map with you. Please be aware that for central London locations you will be required to pay your own congestion charge.

For further information on the congestion charge, please visit or call 0343 222 2222.

In the event of an emergency; for example, if you are unable to attend a day’s filming, you must notify the member of the casting team who booked you immediately so that a suitable replacement can be found. If you are not able to do a job, do not leave a message on the office answerphone or send a text or email. It is important you speak to a member of the team rather than leave a message.

Emergency calls out of office hours must be made to a member of the Casting Collective on their mobile. Make sure when you are travelling to work that you have the appropriate mobile number in your possession. Please make sure that you call the member of staff that is dealing with your particular production.

If you have a problem on set remember that you should be polite to the crew. Always contact us with your query before approaching the AD.

Filming is not always action and glamour. Most of your day will be spent waiting around. Remember that members of the crew work very long hours. You are a representative of the Casting Collective; polite, patient and helpful behaviour will ultimately result in you getting more work. Bad behaviour will result in being taken off the book. An apparently harmless complaint can cause great offence.


On set your first point of contact will usually be the 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD) or on bigger production this maybe the CROWD AD. You will be given a salary voucher on Film and T.V. calls. Please fill in your name, address, National Insurance number and your phone number.

Please note: Usually on Commercials, Pop or Corporate Videos Photographics and promotions you will not be issued with a voucher. Instead you will be asked to sign a Release form. The production company will then tell us the hours that you have worked, but it is always worth keeping a note for yourself. If you do any overtime please email that to the person that booked you the day after the job.

The Wardrobe, or Hair and Make-up department may stamp your voucher noting any props or wardrobe you have been given.

Do not take any of your personal belongings onto the set. We are not liable for any loss or damage to personal possessions.

You will be told what to do by a member of the crew. We expect every one to behave in a professional manner whilst representing the Casting Collective.


Whether in a rehearsal or filming, a particular sequence may be shot a number of times and from a number of angles, for this reason you need to remember your first position and what you have been told to do.

Please keep noise to a minimum at all times unless otherwise instructed.

Catering will be provided when you are on location. If you are at a studio be prepared to pay for your own meals at the canteen. As the film crew always eats first, please wait patiently. You will be told when to go for your meal. Please queue in an orderly manner. At the end of the day you will be wrapped. At this point you will need your salary voucher to be signed off by the 2nd AD. Again please be patient and treat the crew with the respect they deserve. You must keep your copy of the voucher as it is the only proof that you were there.


It is also important to make sure you have enough cash to cover any eventualities, as there may be occasions when you will need to pay for food or travel.

Much as we would like to, we cannot pay you until we have received payment from the production company. Every effort will be made for this to happen as quickly as possible. The industry standard is approximately 4-6 weeks from the day that you worked, but can sometimes take up to 3 months. All payments will be made by BACS directly into your bank account. It is therefore vital that we have your correct bank details. Incorrect details may result in your payments being delayed or paid into someone else’s account.

Payments are made every second Friday. A remittance will be emailed to you just before payment, usually on the Wednesday.

Within a 40 mile radius of London the FAA background rates of pay are usually used on all TV and Film Productions. However there are three other Union agreements that may be used, the BBC agreement, the ITV agreement, or the Commercials agreement. You will be told the rate of pay at the time of booking. If you are not sure please ask. Additional money may be paid for Night shoots and Bank Holidays. Weekends, however, are considered normal working days. For other types of work, you will be told the rate when booked.

As rates often change, up to date pay scales can be found here on our website.

Our Accountant takes pay enquiries by phone between 11am – 12pm, Monday to Friday. You can also email [email protected]

Previously when working as a Supporting Artiste (Extra) you had to do an annual tax return. You were previously considered an employee of each production company for National Insurance purposes and self employed for Tax purposes.

From 6th April 2014 this changed and you are now legally considered SELF-EMPLOYED for both Income Tax AND National Insurance. You must if you are not already registered as self employed advise HMRC that you have become self employed within three months of your first filming job otherwise you may be liable to a penalty. This is done easily online via the HMRC website or by completing form CWF1. You will then be issued with a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number.

Even if you are already registered as self employed you will still need to inform HMRC that you need to start paying Class 2 National Insurance contributions from 6th April 2014.

For more information please read this

The Casting Collective commission is 15% (plus VAT) on all work.

Priority Artistes also have an annual admin fee deducted from the first paid filming job in your 12 month registration period. This annual payment covers the cost of your online registration, photos in the casting book and website and inclusion in all printed material. Please refer to your Terms & Conditions in your online organiser for details.

In an effort to reduce paper consumption all remittances will be sent by email only. Please make sure we have your up to date email address. If you don’t have an email address of your own, we can send them to a friend or relation, or you can still check all your remittances online in the Artiste Organiser on this website.

A username and password will be emailled to you once approved.

Unlike most other sectors there are two unions that look after the interests of Supporting Artistes, the FAA (part of BECTU the Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematographic and Theatre Union) and Equity.
Working as a Supporting Artiste used to be a fairly closed shop and it was rare for non-union members to be offered work. Nowadays you do not have to belong to any union to work as a Supporting Artiste; however there certainly are advantages.

Unions are important because they protect your pay and your rights when you work on any production. It is their job to negotiate agreements setting out the terms and conditions of your employment, so joining one will help protect you and your earnings. Without them Artistes would be pushed into working longer and longer hours for less and less money. In addition, a union will look after your welfare, for example, helping in the event of a dispute or injury.

For more information on joining please visit: or